Bird food 25 kg

Bird food 25 kg

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  • Package Weight : 1g

  • Package Width : 1cm

  • Package Height : 1cm

  • Package Length: 1 cm

This premium bird feed offers a nutritious mix of high-energy seeds and is perfect for aviaries or bird feeders. Sorghum, wheat, oats, sunflower seeds and millet are well proportioned in this bird feed to give birds energy and keep them warm in the cold winter months. The premium ingredients contain a mixture of oils, proteins and minerals to ensure a healthy, balanced diet for various types of wild birds such as robins, blue tits, chaffinches, blackbirds, starlings and many more! Here you get a balanced mix for all bird species. This general food can be consumed by many birds. If you want to attract a special kind of bird, please choose a special feed and inform yourself beforehand. We do not accept complaints if some bird species cannot tolerate the food or if there are not enough seeds available.
  • Ingredients:
  • Sorghum 38%
  • Wheat 22%
  • Oats 20%
  • Sunflower seeds 10%
  • Millet 10%
  • Total weight: 25 kg
  • Excellent for birdhouses and feeding areas
  • Store in a cool and dry place.

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